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          Schools Meals

          Payment for school meals

          All school meals should be paid for using Wisepay. It is important that students accounts are checked regularly by parents/carers & students. We have a balance checker for students in school and balances on Wisepay can be checked from anywhere. It can take up to 24 hours for a balance to show up on a student card but it will show immediately on Wisepay. School will be able to check on behalf of the student that there are funds on the account.

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          For any queries regarding Wisepay please see our FAQs section.


          2019 - 2020 Price List



          • Healthy Option/Small Breakfast - £1.40
          • Medium Breakfast - £1.90
          • Large Breakfast - £2.40


          • Standard Sandwich/Hot Snack - £1.50
          • Main Meal/Hot Baguette/Deli Sandwich/Salad - £2.00
        • Additional Items:

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